Author's Information

It's finished, and its title is: A Homeland Dell, Volume Three Of The Pond Ghost Trilogy. This is the book I always wanted to write, full of fun, with lots of surprises, mysteries, romance, and two eras ~ a modern one and an ancient ancestry. It is a continuing family saga which began with Sanctuary and continued in Pond Ghost, Guidings Tidings, and A Homeland Dell, reflecting my life on a chicken farm, with sweet animals, an orchard of spring blossoms, bringing a summer bounty from fruit and nut trees, and a winter windbreak, vegetable and floral gardens, and an intriguing and mysterious pond where wildlife visited next door to our Homeland Dell.

- Alene Adele Roy



A Homeland Dell, Volume Three of the Pond Ghost Trilogy
Best Book In The Category Of Fiction
3 Awards For Excellence In Literature
2 Awards The Green Book Festival

Winner! Young Adult – The Green Book Festival

I hope readers are as inspired with the story and illustrations as I was in writing and illustrating it.