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A historical novel of mystery, intrigue, love, friendship, and romance, Sanctuary is one engaging read that will leave you breathless!

The Legend Of Dragonfly Pond Books One-Five and the coloring book are also not available at this time.

ISBN 13 (TP): 9781477206287
ISBN 13 (HB): 9781477206294
ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781477208717

Pond ghosts are discovered at the Hathaway ancestral home. A mysterious and beautiful gold and silver medallion is found, and devoted friendships develop in Magnolia Gardens and at Dragonfly Pond Palace when eight students meet after school at Rachel's Sanctuary. She, fiancé Eddie, and their students face challenges when emergencies arise. The Ice House is broken into, food for the Halloween Harvest Hosting is missing, and Rachel's engagement ring is lost. Notes from an unknown send, plus, the other ghost, also plague this circle of friends, along with rumors of some unwanted guests soon approaching. Together, Rachael, Eddie, and The Grand Group make decisions and discoveries which will change their future and their lives and those within the community, in a season of surprises and memories treasure.

Published by Coyote Moon Publishing
Paperback (TP) ISBN: 9781492355229
Ebook ISBN: 10:1492355224
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A Homeland Dell is full of surprises, with miracles and memories to treasure.

ISBN 13 (TP): 9781546203926
ISBN 13 (HB): 9781546203902
ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781546203919